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A Family Locator App

How Does A Family Locator App Help?

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A Family Locator App

Have you ever been in a situation where you do not know the whereabouts of your kid, and they are not picking up their phones either?

There is nothing that compares to the stress you feel at that point. Only if there was a way to know if your child is safe and close to home, all the stress could be done away with. Well, your prayers have been answered. Using a free family locator app does precisely that.

Nowadays, each member of the family has some agenda of their own and is seldom together. In addition to that, the contradicting schedules make it even harder. With such a lot going on in both the parent’s and child’s life, it can sometimes become very difficult to keep up with each other on a regular basis.

Using a free family locator app is the best way to stay connected on a daily basis while also providing security and safety for your kids. It is rather easy to use as well. All you have to do is install the application on your phone, and with just a few clicks and taps, you can avail information about each person in your family group.

Main Features To Check In a Family Locator App

There are quite a few such applications in the market. While all of them do basically the same thing, some are a bit better than others. You should always indulge in using the one that best suits your needs and has all the essential features. Some of the main features you should look out for in a family locator app are as follows.

  • Security Features

This is one of the most important things you should ensure the application you use has. High security is absolutely important while using an application like this since most of its information is user-based. Along with your locations, the application will also ask for your phone number, date of birth, and other similar personal details.

Most of what it asks for is sensitive information and cannot be compromised at any cost. This is why features like automatic end-to-end encryption and two-step verification are very vital for any such application.

This is important to check since applications with low-security measures can often be a security threat. Most gimmicky applications can provide you with a hoard of features, such as the option to set a time limit of your location or even privately share maps, but fall short on the more important things.

  • Setting Custom Routes

Another feature that differentiates a capable locator application from an average one is the allowance of setting custom routes for family members. When your kid is returning from school, or you are returning from work, setting custom routes can help your family members know when you will arrive.

This feature not only shows you the exact time of arrival but also provides an added sense of security. In addition to that, a custom route can also serve several other purposes. For instance, if your kid is coming home, say from school, and shares their location with you, you can message them asking to run simple errands.

The possibilities of this feature are truly endless. Children can ask their parents to pick them up from a said location, or parents can tell their kids where to go with simply a message. It helps you organize your day better with correct timings of when anyone is going to reach.

  • Sending Notifications To Each Other

Lastly, the most important feature you must have in a locator application is the ability to send notifications. This is a great way to communicate with family members, letting them know if you are going to be late or arrive early.

This feature goes perfectly with the prior mentioned feature. As mentioned already, family members can send each other notifications and messages. It is much more convenient when the locator application lets you do this than having to alternate between applications.

However, that is not it. Notifications can play an integral role when it comes to stress relief. For instance, a parent can set automatic notifications for when their kid gets back home. This way, no matter how busy you are, you will always remember to automatically pick your kids up from school.

Along with that, say, one parent works closer to the child’s school. You can simply set an automatic notification for when they are close to your vicinity. This makes coordinating tasks amongst your family members a lot easier, even if you are not physically present with them.

In Conclusion

These are some of the features that can help you choose the best application in the market. Rest assured, with a locator application; you can go about your day without having to worry about your family member’s whereabouts.

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What Can You Expect From Your Family Locator App?

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phone tracker family locator

Tracking your beloved ones’ locations has now become a daily affair for every individual. As your loved ones move out to different places for education and job purposes, it gets complicated to track their whereabouts. And when you are a parent, you will always keep wondering about your kid’s safety. That is why the phone tracker family locator applications are dominating the entire digital market.

About Family Locator Application

A family locating app might seem to be a simple application. But it takes a lot of effort, research, and development to create such applications for you. Therefore, one of the biggest criteria for using these applications is that anybody can utilize these and require no professional expertise.

The primary idea of these applications is to help families keep in touch with their beloved ones while traveling around. Therefore, these applications need to be easy to operate, use a GPS network, and be used seamlessly with your smart gadgets. In addition, the applications need to provide real-time data and updates periodically to the users.

But what are the specific functionalities of such a family locator app available in the market? Let’s check out:

Location Alerts

One of the fundamental reasons for tracking anyone’s location is to know about their current situation. And in case they face any disputes or accidents, the near ones should know about their exact locations. Knowing the specific place will help you to reach them quickly and help them as and when required.

So, one of the first things to expect from your tracking location application is to view the whereabouts easily. And that helps you to know if your family is safe and sound or not.

SOS Alerts

Whenever your loved ones are late to reach their homes, you seem to get panic attacks. And it isn’t healthy for any individuals, especially older adults. That is why using the location application can be helpful for you. It lets the users send emergency alerts to their listed contacts and even to the police without delays.

Crash Details

The location tracking application is not only about informing your loved ones about your current location. It offers you multiple features to keep you safe on those busy roads. So, you can even get 24*7 emergency dispatchers who can easily reach out to you during emergencies.

Get the accident details instantly, and in case there are no responses or alerts, the company operating the application can send you help. Furthermore, you can get medical and ambulance to the last location as available on the tracking application. Therefore, you will always have your safe buddy around you while you are traveling across the country.

Place Alerts

You have constantly been worrying about your family members while they travel. But have you considered the safety of your older parents when you aren’t around? Yes, the location tracking application is also essential to keep your older adults safe at home.

One of the crucial aspects of such applications is that it enables you to get place alerts. What does that even mean? It means, no matter who enters or leaves your property premises, you will always get alerts. So whether it’s your kids’ school, workplace, or home, enabling this feature can get you all the incoming and outgoing alerts.

Who Can Benefit From Location Tracking Applications?

Who can use the family locator app? Almost anyone. But the users who benefit the most are:


It is not an easy job to stay connected with your kids while playing in the playground and at the office. Or, you feel so guilty about leaving your kid behind at home that you fail to concentrate on your work.

To eliminate those worries, this is the best practice for every parent. Whether at home or in your office, you can now track and know about your kids every time they are moving around.


Who said your best friend isn’t worried about you? Or friends can’t be your family while you are away from your home? As you become family to your friends, they tend to get worried about your safety, especially when traveling around.

Give them some peace of mind and let them know where and how you are while traveling back. And get the best location tracking application to help them handle the worries for you. After all, it is your job to keep your friends happy and protect them from any harm.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are well aware of these location tracking applications, would you be interested in trying one? If so, then check out the website of OrbitU company. The brand is well-known for introducing an incredible platform to keep your beloved ones safe. The company offers you a phone tracker family locator application with excellent features.

From driving summary to speed monitoring, you can get every detailed report from this application. The best part of using it is that it is available in both paid and free versions. You can get advanced premium features once you opt for the paid version. Get the free version today to try its features.

GPS Tracker

Myth-Busting Facts About Family Locator GPS Tracker Applications

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GPS Tracker

How often do you know where your loved ones are right now? Do you get anxious pretty often knowing that your daughter has to come back to her place all by herself? Or do you wish that you could stay in touch with your friends and family beyond boundaries? If these are some of your common concerns, you need a free family tracking app right now.

Why? A tracking application helps you stay connected with your family member no matter where you are right now. Also, it allows you to keep a tab on their whereabouts and thereby know whether they are safe or not. But sometimes, people get very anxious that these tracking applications might be invading their personal lives.

Is it true? No, the family tracking application isn’t going to intrude on your personal life at all. But yes, it will notify your parents or loved ones about your current location. Understand how your parents are always thinking about your safety.  The family locator GPS tracker only helps them get a little peace of mind while you are outside.

Just like this one, many other myths encircle these kinds of tracking applications. Let’s check out some of these:

Hacking Gets Easier With Tracking Application

Well, some of the tracking applications might use Bluetooth technology to track your location. But hacking is altogether a different topic. First, understand that Bluetooth only gives short-range communications, which is typical for every smart device. And it can only transmit the signals within a defined range like 10 meters.

But again, hacking someone’s phone or laptop is a highly challenging task and not solely dependent on your Bluetooth connection. Also, hacking doesn’t depend on the tracking application, provided that you use a genuine one like OrbitU free family tracking app.

Data Breach Risks Increase

If you get a genuine location tracking application, you never have to worry about a data breach. Every application comes with essential security and privacy policy which lowers the risks of data breaches from your device. However, to avoid such hassles, always read the privacy and data policies before downloading any applications on your smart devices.

Reveal Contact Information To Unknown Trackers

Another common myth about tracking applications is that people using such applications can know about your contact information. Firstly, most location tracking applications require permission from the user to get the authority to browse their locations and other details. Also, using a tracking application doesn’t mean that unknown trackers can easily access your personal information.

Applications like OrbitU apps have additional security layers that are refreshed regularly to conceal information for your safety. However, if you choose to provide access to your beloved ones to track your location, the users can only closely connect with you.

No Permanent Data Deletion On App Uninstall

When you uninstall the application, most of the content is successfully removed from the company’s database. Well, a few companies might secure some of the information for developmental purposes. However, they will be announcing this information in their privacy policy for users’ reference in such conditions.

But in most cases, you do not have to worry about this fact as you can directly request the company to remove your ID and other contact information from their servers.

Tracking Apps Uses Excessive Phone Battery & Data

The last myth that needs to break today about the tracking application is that it uses many data and your phone battery. Not always is this possible for every tracking application available in the market. Most companies offering such applications are concerned about these factors as they understand their audience’s requirements.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about draining your battery or excessive data consumption due to the tracking apps. On the contrary, most of them consume low battery and use minor data in the whole day than those HD movies playing on your system.

To Summarize

Staying close to your beloved ones might not always be easy for you. But with the help of a tracking application, you can stay connected without any troubles. And you never have to worry again about their current location as this application can help you know about their whereabouts without fail. With such features, you know that your near and dear ones are safe and sound.

But given the number of applications available in the digital market, it is challenging to find the right one for your family. Well, here is a quick fix to this problem as well. Contact OrbitU to get the best family locator GPS tracker application for your loved ones.

It is a reputed company that offers you both free and paid applications to keep track of your family’s location. You can get place alerts, SOS alerts, driving reports, crash details, and more features from OrbitU’s application. Check out now to know more.

Family Tracking app

Features Of Family Tracking Applications That Makes These An Essential

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Family Tracking app

The safety and security of your family should be on the top of your priority list. In today’s world, when almost everyone goes to work, ensuring the safety of the people staying back in houses is important. On the other hand, people staying at home can be anxious about the road safety of those traveling outside.

Hence, a family tracking app for android can be the one-stop solution for keeping everyone connected and posted about their safety. Here are some features of these family tracking apps that make these essential in your phone’s app drawer.

Location Safety

If you have taken a trip with your family members a few months back, you retrace each destination through these applications. Besides allowing you to walk down the memory lane once more, it also helps you calculate the expenses incurred and other trip-related details.

 If you were not a part of the trip, even then, you can retrace all the details using this application. Hence, you can keep a close watch on your family to ensure their safety and wellbeing all the time.


Do your kids visit different places almost every day? In that case, these applications can keep you connected with them all the time.

No matter where they go and the time they spend, you can always know the exact location of your kids and stay worry-free all the time. Knowing that they are safe and within communicable length, you can ensure your peace of mind every day.

SOS Alerts

With the family tracking application installed in your android phone, contacting your near and dear ones in the case of an emergency becomes easier than ever.

 You just have to send an SOS alert along with your location to a person you trust. Whenever you feel unsafe or cough into doldrums, send the SOS alert to any family member or the police to ensure your safety.

Place Alerts

Every family has a few places that the family members visit regularly. These could be offices, schools, colleges, friend’s places, etc. Get these common places listed on your family tracking application.

Consequently, you will receive a notification whenever someone reaches or come back from these places. Therefore, staying connected with your family members will be hassle-free and effort-free with these applications installed on your phone.

Driving Summary & Report

Some people prefer driving fast while some prefer keeping the sped under control. While you cannot influence the individual preferences, you can surely keep a check on the driving details of each of your family members for safety’s sake. If your kids love driving fast, let them know that you have the family tracking application on your phone.

Knowing that you will be tracing the speed limits, they will keep a check on driving speed. This, in turn, will ensure their safety on the road. Besides offering in-depth driving reports of each family member, these applications also provide a weekly snapshot of each member’s driving detail.

Crash Details

The family tracking applications also keep each family member protected against accidents. The moment an accident takes place, the application sends an emergency alert to other family members. In case of no response, the application sends an ambulance to the accident location. Therefore, immediate attention and rescue remain guaranteed with the family tracking applications.

Speed Monitoring

You can always keep track of every family member’s move and speed with this application on your phone. If your dear one is driving the vehicle, you can check the top speeds of the car. If the person is traveling in a public vehicle, you can trace out the speed of that vehicle as well.

If your near and dear ones are traveling in a friend’s car, you can check the top speed the vehicle is attaining at times. Thus, regardless of who is behind the steering wheel, you can ensure the safety of your family members when they travel to places.

Drive Details

Sometimes you may wish to know the route a family member of yours has taken during a trip or the miles logged. These family tracking applications can provide you with all relevant information about any trip they have taken. No matter where they are traveling, you can always stay linked with them. Moreover, these applications can give you important information like driving behavior, top speeds, route, accident places, and more.

Keeping a family tracking application integrated into your android phone will indeed be a wise decision. While some applications may remain available free, some might cost you a little. However, when it comes to family security, the costs can hardly be a consideration.

If you are looking for the best family location app at a reasonable price, OrbitU can be your one-stop choice. It comes with several useful features. You can try the monthly or yearly schemes of this application for an enhanced experience. Use a family tracking app as efficient as OrbitU to stay connected with your family members regardless of their or your location.