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Family locator GPS tracker

Does Your Child’s Phone Need a Family GPS Tracker?

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Family locator GPS tracker
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From teenagers to octogenarians, everyone uses smartphones these days. While businessmen, professionals, and older people travel more than younger ones, a family tracking app can be useful for all.

If you think that people who do not travel frequently do not require a GPS tracker, you should think twice. Maybe your child is not going far from home, but his/her safety always remains your primary concern. Here are some reasons why even your child’s phone should have a family locator GPS tracker installed on it.

When Your Child Stays Outside

Parents worry all the time for their children. No matter how old they grow, the eternal care and concern linger forever. Especially when your children are in their adolescent time, you need to keep a track of them. No matter if they are outside for studies or work, a GPS tracker would help you know their exact location at every instant.

This will also keep you out of any unnecessary worries. If a storm is coming, or there is an emergency, you can take action promptly. Therefore, installing a GPS tracker on your child’s phone will only guarantee your mental peace at all times.

Your child might also go camping, hiking, climbing or any other adventure activities. To know that they are safe and nowhere else other than the location they should be, you need a tracker.

Your Child Is Attending A Party

Suppose children have gone to attend a friend’s birthday party. Regardless of the distance of the venue from your home, you stay worried until they return. In case of delay, you start imagining several possible situations, which burdens your mind more. But, if you would know that all this time, your kids have been in the same location, you can at least release a sigh of relief.

Hence, installing a GPS tracker on their kids’ phones is always a smart choice for any parent. Parents remain bothered about their children’s welfare and safety all the time. These trackers ensure the same and help the parents stay connected to their kids at any point in time.

In Case Of A Lost Phone

Kids often misplace their phones and then struggle to recollect where they have kept them. If your child has misplaced the phone or lost it, a GPS tracker can help you find it. The advanced family locator GPS trackers can predict the exact location of the lost phone in an instant.

Since you cannot keep young people from being a little careless at times install the GPS tracker system in their phones. With the tracker on, you can find the location where they have lost it and track it down. Don’t be surprised if you discover the lost phone from under the sofa or the remotest corner of the backyard.

If There Is An Emergency

Accidents are unfortunate but must be accounted for. Timely information about an emergency often helps you manage the situation better. However, if an emergency has taken place somewhere far from your house, information might reach you late. These delays often make the situation all more complicated and irreparable.

If your child’s phone has an advanced family GPS tracker installed in the phone, you will get instant SOS alerts. Therefore, regardless of the distance of the mishap, information will reach you promptly. Therefore, a family GPS tracker on your child’s phone will guarantee you their safety and your peace at the same time.

Checking On the Speed

When young people learn to drive, they take speed to be the only parameter for excellence. If your teenage boy has learned to drive a car recently, you need a GPS tracker to watch over his speed. Manage the settings in a way that the moment your boy exceeds a specified speed limit while driving, you get an alert message.

Though it seems like through surveillance, sometimes you can ensure your child’s on-road safety through this process. Young people lack insight and experience. Therefore, even after your repeated warnings, they might indulge in fast driving to experience thrill. This is where the GPS tracker steps in and makes their driving sessions safer for them by informing you.

When your kids travel in a school vehicle or public vehicle, you can check the movement and speed of the cars as well. If the vehicle is running at a very high speed, you can report to the authorities to ensure the on-road safety of the students. Rash driving often becomes the reason for unfortunate accidents.

Children are indispensable parts of any parent’s life. Therefore, their safety and security remain the primary concern for every parent. Use an advanced GPS tracker like OrbitU in your child’s phone to ensure their safety. The premium features and easy o use interface of OrbitU’s GPS tracker will indeed overwhelm you.

Android Family Tracking

Don’t Know The Location Of Your Kids? Know-How a Locator App Can Help

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Android Family Tracking

Your relationship with your friends and family is a quite sensitive matter of your life, and you don’t want to ruin it at any cost. It is needless to say that you’re much obsessed with the security of your kids. Not only you but every parent gets worried when your kid doesn’t receive your important call or care to inform you about their whereabouts.

In such cases, an iPhone family tracking app might be beneficial for you. From now on, you do not have to wait for their calls, just to know about their location. Therefore, it is suggested to invest in a well-recognized family tracking app in the market.

What Should You Install?

Staying connected with your loved ones and sharing the live location is a boon to obsessed parents. Thanks to the advanced family tracking app features that you get. An iPhone family tracking app makes use of real-time apps that helps to share location with other users. This lets you identify the kids’ location and tell the parents or friends about your exact position.

However, some people have a perception that the locator application interferes with your privacy and confidentiality policy. Although there are many rumours about a family tracking app, one thing is for sure it can help you out during an emergency. Let explore how it helps.

Provides Location Sharing Option

It is a feature that allows you to monitor other locations at any given point in time. Since the areas can be displayed clearly on the phone due to the pre-installed real-time maps, you can check their movement without any problem. This incredible feature helps you to know that your kid has safely reached the required destination or has returned to their regular facility.

Allows You To Send Requests:

With this application, you can request other friends’ locations for multiple reasons. However, with the help of this feature, one can have the ability to choose those people with who they want to share their location.

Helps You to Get Notification about Their Every Move

You will come across multiple advanced features with the help of a GPS tracking app. You get the chance to track your kid’s route at the end of the day. This is generally done to know about where they have gone actually.  You can also check the stops they have visited and know how long they have remained at each stop. This is an important feature that gives you a clear idea about their regular affairs after stepping outside of the home.

Evaluates Estimated Time

You would be surprised to know that a location tracking application can assist you in evaluating the maximum time required by your love mate or friends to reach their said location. It can be available with a real-time app so that you can keep track of their progress.

It Helps To Diagnose the Driving Style of Your Kids

An important stage of every teenager’s life is when they can learn to drive. It shows that they have come to a certain age where they have the freedom to move independently. But when kids unfairly exploit their freedom, trouble and awkward situation starts to create. So you should not hand over the car keys to them so easily. You should first check how they are driving, how well they are maintaining the speed, or whether they are violating any traffic rules and regulations. So with a free family tracking application, you will get all the required notifications associated with their driving style and pattern.

Tracks Your Speed Limit

Installing a family tracking app on your kids’ phones helps you to understand how well they are maintaining the speed limits of the car. If they go beyond the speed limit, you could make a phone call at that moment and inform them about speed limits. This feature activates when they are in there on the family car and gets activated when your kids are on a friend’s car.

Provides SOS Alerts:

The emergency is the core reason for the never-ending demand for these apps. In critical moments, a person can send a notification to their close friends, relatives, and family members with just one click on the SOS button. It is quite easy and helps to inform others about your whereabouts without adding an extra burden.

Keeps You Tension Free

Installing a family tracking app on your kids’ phones will help you record their moves. It allows you to mark those places where they visit more often and get immediate information when they move out of the mark.

Final Thoughts

OrbitU is one of the GPS tracker apps that you can rely on upon without any second thought. With the help of this family tracking app, you can know the location of your family members. Having the information about the location of your loved one makes you feel empowered.

Who Should Use Family Locator Apps on Their Phone?

Who Should Use Family Locator Apps on Their Phone?

By Blogs
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Who Should Use Family Locator Apps on Their Phone?

The simplest answer to this question is everyone. Who would not like to stay in touch with the family regardless of their location? Earlier, people bothered and worried about people outside the home. If people have gone out for work, the ones back home used to worry until their return.

No options were available at that time to trace their location. Most importantly, when incidences like natural catastrophes or accidents took place, worrying for the people outside was the only alternative. However, with the advent of technology, tracking your loved ones regardless of their location is possible today.

The android family tracking apps make sure that you never lose touch with your dear ones. Even though, everyone should have this application installed on their phones, here are some people who must not miss out on it.

Older People

Of all the people who go out of the house regularly, you worry most about the older ones. Maybe your grandparents or your parents take a walk every day which is essential for their health. People mostly worry about their safe return home as they might lose balance and fall off or face a sudden health hazard on the road.

Especially for older people with critical illness, their times outside the home can be a real source of concern. This is where the android family tracking applications come to the rescue. If the senior person has the tracking app installed on the phone, you can trace his/her whereabouts every moment.

In case of emergency, you can take immediate action since the app will keep you informed about every movement. The SOS alert feature delivers prompt information if there has been any unfortunate incidence or any medical emergency. Therefore, older people require family tracking applications without any doubt.

Teenage Members

The teenage members of your family are next in line when it comes to the necessity of android family tracking apps. Teenage is the time for adventures and exploring. Propelled by their adolescent curiosity, teenagers often embark on quests and journeys that become a source of concern for you.

While you cannot always follow them to ensure their safety, you can indeed trace their location with the help of a tracking app. Suppose your teenage daughter is attending her friend’s birthday party and it’s already late. Instead of worrying, use the family tracking app to ensure that she is safe.

If she is already on her way back, you can trace the same using these applications. When your teenage children go out camping in the woods or riverside, you can simply turn on the tracking app to know their exact location. They can also send your SOS alerts in case of emergencies.

Frequent Travelers

The android tracking apps are simply indispensable for frequent travelers. If you love traveling and choose off-beat locations most of the time, this application will help you to stay connected with your family members. Also, in case of an emergency, you can contact your family and inform them about your safety.

People travel for passion, business, education, research and many other reasons. However, families always feel concerned when anyone goes out for a long time. The best way to keep your family out of worries and at peace would be to use these tracking apps.

For example, suppose you are traveling to a hill station. Now, if the news of a sudden landslide in that area breaks out, your family will surely worry about you. This is when the tracking app can help you contact your family and inform them about your whereabouts.

You can send location prompts or share information about your current location with your dear ones through these apps. No matter your reason for travelling, for your time away from home, these tracking apps can be of great help.

Professional People

If you are a professional, get the tracking app installed on your important employee’s phone. Suppose you lead a team of sales executives who work in the market. If they have the tracking app installed on their phones, racing their whereabouts would become easier and effortless.

This will surely keep you informed about their day’s work and gaps in the work. The scope of falsifying their whereabouts would be almost zero. Therefore, the productivity and output of your team will be higher than before. From micromanagement of team to keeping track of your family members, these applications are helpful in many ways.

There is no doubt that technology has offered us exceptional tools for making our lives easier. One of these is indeed the android family tracking app. Install OrbitU family tracking application in your and your loved one’s phone to bid goodbye to all your worries.

No matter where they are, you can always reach out to them and be sure of their safety. From tracking the speed of their car to finding the exact location, this app guarantees accurate information of your loved one’s whereabouts.

family tracking app

All You Need To Know About GPS Tracking Devices for Your Family

By Blogs
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family tracking app

Most people worry about their families. This is a good thing. When you worry about your family, it means that you care. In today’s times when nothing seems very safe anymore, a GPS tracking device for your family may seem like a good step for some. To others, it may seem like a bit too much.

Understanding what a family tracking app for Android can do for your family is important. This blog talks about all you need to know about such devices.

  • Not An Invasion On Your Family’s Privacy

You must understand that such an app will not be an invasion of your family’s privacy. Such devices are meant to protect your family and give you peace of mind.

There is something very reassuring to know that you know where each one of your family is at the present moment. Keeping them safe will give you something less to worry about.

In no way will you be taking away your family’s privacy or encroaching on it.

  • It’s A Simple Solution

GPS trackers are becoming quite common, especially to make sure people know where their kids are. It is a very simple solution and having it will bring you a lot of peace. If it is so simple to keep your family safe, why wouldn’t you want it?

What A GPS Tracker Can Do

  1. Give You Knowledge About How Your Young Teen Is Driving

The first time your teen takes out her car on her own can be scary. You want her to grow up and you want her to be close to you. Knowing how your teen drives can give you a lot of relief in this situation.

With a GPS tracker app on your teen’s phone, you can check to see how your teen drives when you are not in the car. You have location tracking features and real-time driving information that will tell you accurately how fast your teen drives.

  1. Information About Car Accident

Being in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. When it happens to someone in your family, it can be a living nightmare. That is why a GPS tracking device is such a good idea.

With such an app, you will be able to know that one of your family members has been in a car accident so that you can send emergency services to the rescue. Yes, it is traumatic, but at least knowing exactly where your family is located can lessen your worry a lot. It will also be easy for you to reach them.

  1. Know Where Your Wandering Child Is

The first time you let your child return home from school on her own can feel stressful. You are scared because you are not with them and you want them to be safe at all times. A GPS tracking app on their phone can let you know exactly where they are at any particular time.

Whether they are walking home from school or going to their friend’s house for a sleepover, or even going to the mall with friends, such an app can be just the thing you needed.

As a parent, it can be highly stressful to track an errant or wandering child. With such an app, you can be a little less stressed because you will know exactly where your child is.

  1. Elderly Family Taken Care Of

When family members grow older, their memories and faculties may not always stay intact. That is when they will need a lot more care than before. With one of the family tracking app for Android, it will become easier for you to track the people you love.

Such an app does in no way invade their privacy but lets you know exactly where they are so that you can reach them if need be. For example, an older family member may have lost his way home. With such an app installed on their phone, you can reach him easily and bring him back home.

  1. No Need To Nag Your Teen Anymore

Parents tend to call their teen children a lot more than the child wants. We call them to know where they are, whether they have reached soccer or piano practice on time and when you should pick them up. Now you don’t need to nag them with the phone calls and the text anymore.

This is because with such an app on their phone, you will be able to know in real-time where they are, whether they have reached wherever they are supposed to, and so on. This will also help you sound less nagging to them, which is a good thing.

To Conclude

For a safe and secure family tracking app that you can install on your loved one’s phones, try Orbit U. It provides a world-class tracking experience that will help you get over your worries.