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A Parents Guide to Modeling Good Driver Behavior

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A Parents Guide to Modeling Good Driver Behavior

August 12, 2021

It’s important to have a conversation with your teenager about driving safety. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States, according to the CDC. The majority of car accidents can be avoided, so talking to your teen and being an example of healthy driving habits can make a huge difference. Here is a guide to how you can do just that.

Discuss the Rules of the Road

Make a commitment to always follow state laws and other important safe driving habits. This includes wearing your seatbelts, obeying the speed limit, maintaining constant attention on the road, pulling over if you are too tired to drive, and never driving while intoxicated or using a mobile phone. If crashes aren’t what scare you, then educate your teens about the hefty fines that can pile up from bad driving habits.

Review driving habits in OrbitU

Track and discuss your family’s driving habits on a weekly basis. After each completed drive, the app displays instances of mobile phone use, rapid acceleration, hard braking, and top speed reached. A weekly driving overview for each family member is a quick way to sit down and discuss whether everyone is adhering to safe driving protocol.

Avoid Distractions

Make sure that you keep your eyes on the road at all times. You wouldn’t want your teen to end up in an accident because of distracted driving from a text, so you should be fully aware of the road as well. Although you may have more driving experience, one little mistake for either of you could have a lifetime of unfavorable consequences. If your phone or car has features that can let others know you are driving, make sure those are set up so you can show your teen how to have a distraction-free drive.

Emphasize the Dangers of Intoxicated Driving

When your teen gets a little older, they may want to go out for a drink with their friends in college. Teach them early on that driving with alcohol in your system can be extremely dangerous. In 2019, there were over 10,000 deaths from drunk driving according to the NHTSA, many of which took the lives of those under the age of 25. Everyone has a different alcohol tolerance, however, tempting fate prior to driving is never a smart idea. Teach teens how to handle certain situations and encourage them to use OrbitU so parents know where they are.

Show your teen the importance of being a responsible driver by following safe habits of your own. Although they still might make mistakes, at least you’ve shown them how to be a safe & responsible driver.

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