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Features Of Family Tracking Applications That Makes These An Essential

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Family Tracking app

The safety and security of your family should be on the top of your priority list. In today’s world, when almost everyone goes to work, ensuring the safety of the people staying back in houses is important. On the other hand, people staying at home can be anxious about the road safety of those traveling outside.

Hence, a family tracking app for android can be the one-stop solution for keeping everyone connected and posted about their safety. Here are some features of these family tracking apps that make these essential in your phone’s app drawer.

Location Safety

If you have taken a trip with your family members a few months back, you retrace each destination through these applications. Besides allowing you to walk down the memory lane once more, it also helps you calculate the expenses incurred and other trip-related details.

 If you were not a part of the trip, even then, you can retrace all the details using this application. Hence, you can keep a close watch on your family to ensure their safety and wellbeing all the time.


Do your kids visit different places almost every day? In that case, these applications can keep you connected with them all the time.

No matter where they go and the time they spend, you can always know the exact location of your kids and stay worry-free all the time. Knowing that they are safe and within communicable length, you can ensure your peace of mind every day.

SOS Alerts

With the family tracking application installed in your android phone, contacting your near and dear ones in the case of an emergency becomes easier than ever.

 You just have to send an SOS alert along with your location to a person you trust. Whenever you feel unsafe or cough into doldrums, send the SOS alert to any family member or the police to ensure your safety.

Place Alerts

Every family has a few places that the family members visit regularly. These could be offices, schools, colleges, friend’s places, etc. Get these common places listed on your family tracking application.

Consequently, you will receive a notification whenever someone reaches or come back from these places. Therefore, staying connected with your family members will be hassle-free and effort-free with these applications installed on your phone.

Driving Summary & Report

Some people prefer driving fast while some prefer keeping the sped under control. While you cannot influence the individual preferences, you can surely keep a check on the driving details of each of your family members for safety’s sake. If your kids love driving fast, let them know that you have the family tracking application on your phone.

Knowing that you will be tracing the speed limits, they will keep a check on driving speed. This, in turn, will ensure their safety on the road. Besides offering in-depth driving reports of each family member, these applications also provide a weekly snapshot of each member’s driving detail.

Crash Details

The family tracking applications also keep each family member protected against accidents. The moment an accident takes place, the application sends an emergency alert to other family members. In case of no response, the application sends an ambulance to the accident location. Therefore, immediate attention and rescue remain guaranteed with the family tracking applications.

Speed Monitoring

You can always keep track of every family member’s move and speed with this application on your phone. If your dear one is driving the vehicle, you can check the top speeds of the car. If the person is traveling in a public vehicle, you can trace out the speed of that vehicle as well.

If your near and dear ones are traveling in a friend’s car, you can check the top speed the vehicle is attaining at times. Thus, regardless of who is behind the steering wheel, you can ensure the safety of your family members when they travel to places.

Drive Details

Sometimes you may wish to know the route a family member of yours has taken during a trip or the miles logged. These family tracking applications can provide you with all relevant information about any trip they have taken. No matter where they are traveling, you can always stay linked with them. Moreover, these applications can give you important information like driving behavior, top speeds, route, accident places, and more.

Keeping a family tracking application integrated into your android phone will indeed be a wise decision. While some applications may remain available free, some might cost you a little. However, when it comes to family security, the costs can hardly be a consideration.

If you are looking for the best family location app at a reasonable price, OrbitU can be your one-stop choice. It comes with several useful features. You can try the monthly or yearly schemes of this application for an enhanced experience. Use a family tracking app as efficient as OrbitU to stay connected with your family members regardless of their or your location.