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How OrbitU Can Keep Your Family Safer on the Road

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How OrbitU Can Keep Your Family Safer on the Road

August 12, 2021

As soon as you leave your house, the world is full of possibilities. Having an inexperienced driver on the road can be stressful for a lot of parents concerned for their teen’s safety. According to the CDC, crash risk is highest during the first-year drivers are licensed (CDC, 2018.) OrbitU helps to put a family’s mind at ease with their incredible technology to make sure that your loved ones are safe on the road and the places they go.

How does OrbitU keep your family safer on the road? The OrbitU app monitors users’ location in real-time when shared and can notify other family members when someone has left or arrived at their destination. Additionally, OrbitU has excellent safety features that detect unusual activity such as increased speed or an accident. No one wants to get a phone call saying their loved one is hurt, but OrbitU’s safety features will assist in making sure family members are notified and that help is on the way.

One of OrbitU’s additional features includes driving summaries and reports for each user, which snapshots stats such as time traveled, phone usage, top speed, and more. This is particularly useful for your independent teen that may not worry as much about distracted drivers on the road.

Whether you have a new or experienced driver on the road, worry can set in about if they are safe or not. OrbitU has various enhanced features that come at an inexpensive price. Whether you live out in the rural country or navigate through the busy city streets, OrbitU will keep watch over your loved ones to make sure you know they are safe.

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