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Myth-Busting Facts About Family Locator GPS Tracker Applications

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How often do you know where your loved ones are right now? Do you get anxious pretty often knowing that your daughter has to come back to her place all by herself? Or do you wish that you could stay in touch with your friends and family beyond boundaries? If these are some of your common concerns, you need a free family tracking app right now.

Why? A tracking application helps you stay connected with your family member no matter where you are right now. Also, it allows you to keep a tab on their whereabouts and thereby know whether they are safe or not. But sometimes, people get very anxious that these tracking applications might be invading their personal lives.

Is it true? No, the family tracking application isn’t going to intrude on your personal life at all. But yes, it will notify your parents or loved ones about your current location. Understand how your parents are always thinking about your safety.  The family locator GPS tracker only helps them get a little peace of mind while you are outside.

Just like this one, many other myths encircle these kinds of tracking applications. Let’s check out some of these:

Hacking Gets Easier With Tracking Application

Well, some of the tracking applications might use Bluetooth technology to track your location. But hacking is altogether a different topic. First, understand that Bluetooth only gives short-range communications, which is typical for every smart device. And it can only transmit the signals within a defined range like 10 meters.

But again, hacking someone’s phone or laptop is a highly challenging task and not solely dependent on your Bluetooth connection. Also, hacking doesn’t depend on the tracking application, provided that you use a genuine one like OrbitU free family tracking app.

Data Breach Risks Increase

If you get a genuine location tracking application, you never have to worry about a data breach. Every application comes with essential security and privacy policy which lowers the risks of data breaches from your device. However, to avoid such hassles, always read the privacy and data policies before downloading any applications on your smart devices.

Reveal Contact Information To Unknown Trackers

Another common myth about tracking applications is that people using such applications can know about your contact information. Firstly, most location tracking applications require permission from the user to get the authority to browse their locations and other details. Also, using a tracking application doesn’t mean that unknown trackers can easily access your personal information.

Applications like OrbitU apps have additional security layers that are refreshed regularly to conceal information for your safety. However, if you choose to provide access to your beloved ones to track your location, the users can only closely connect with you.

No Permanent Data Deletion On App Uninstall

When you uninstall the application, most of the content is successfully removed from the company’s database. Well, a few companies might secure some of the information for developmental purposes. However, they will be announcing this information in their privacy policy for users’ reference in such conditions.

But in most cases, you do not have to worry about this fact as you can directly request the company to remove your ID and other contact information from their servers.

Tracking Apps Uses Excessive Phone Battery & Data

The last myth that needs to break today about the tracking application is that it uses many data and your phone battery. Not always is this possible for every tracking application available in the market. Most companies offering such applications are concerned about these factors as they understand their audience’s requirements.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about draining your battery or excessive data consumption due to the tracking apps. On the contrary, most of them consume low battery and use minor data in the whole day than those HD movies playing on your system.

To Summarize

Staying close to your beloved ones might not always be easy for you. But with the help of a tracking application, you can stay connected without any troubles. And you never have to worry again about their current location as this application can help you know about their whereabouts without fail. With such features, you know that your near and dear ones are safe and sound.

But given the number of applications available in the digital market, it is challenging to find the right one for your family. Well, here is a quick fix to this problem as well. Contact OrbitU to get the best family locator GPS tracker application for your loved ones.

It is a reputed company that offers you both free and paid applications to keep track of your family’s location. You can get place alerts, SOS alerts, driving reports, crash details, and more features from OrbitU’s application. Check out now to know more.