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A Beginner’s Guide for Modern Family Security

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A Beginner’s Guide for Modern Family Security

The greatest wealth a person owns is one’s family. The number one priority in one’s life is the safety of their family. One of the biggest reliefs is the advancement in technology. It is really helpful in knowing the whereabouts of our loved ones. This keeps the rest of the family free of worry about one’s well-being.

One of the best gifts modern technology has given us is GPS. It is really helpful in tracking live locations and activity tracking as well. This is the basis for android family tracking apps. Using these apps is really easy. You can easily download these apps and you will receive a text message for confirmation. That’s it and you are good to go with tracking your Orbit.

There are endless scenarios where these tracking apps can prove to be extremely useful to you.

Tracking Your Child’s Whereabouts

You don’t need to worry anymore about losing sight of your little one. Especially, in crowded places, you could end up losing our little ones. So, in such situations, GPS tracking can prove to be extremely useful. You could simply check for your little one’s details on our free family tracking app. Now, you don’t have to fear about your kid suddenly disappearing anymore.

Monitoring Your Child’s School Attendance

Not just this, a GPS tracker can also help track whether a kid is regular in school and not bunking classes. You can install the family tracker app on your child’s device. This way, you can easily trace all your child’s activities on your phone. So, the child taking any unusual routes back home from school will be all on your watch now.

Monitoring The Elderly In The Family

Android app tracker is undoubtedly one of the best inventions so far to keep a track of the elderly. It can prove helpful both in case of an emergency or if we lose track of the elderly. There are a huge number of cases of the elderly going missing because of memory issues. We can surely overcome this through android family tracking.

Sending SOS Alerts To Your Orbit

You do not have to feel unsafe or alone anymore since you have your whole Orbit on your phone. Whenever you feel unsafe or in a problem, you can quickly send an SOS alert on the app. This alerts your family/ loved ones and they will reach out to you immediately. This provides you a sense of safety all the time, especially when you are out on your own.

Detailed Driving Reports

This app provides you with the additional feature of providing detailed driving reports. Every orbit member’s detailed driving report can be obtained through the app. You can get the details like their highest speed, their journey times, time of usage of phone while driving, etc. It makes it very easy to keep a check on your loved ones and build an orbit of better, safer drivers.

Crash Details In Case Of An Accident

Another great benefit of using app tracking is crash details. You get an instant notification in case your loved one ever crashes their vehicle or undergoes an accident. In case, you are not available, the app automatically contacts the nearest hospital. The app also dispatches an ambulance to the vehicle’s location.

Speed Monitoring

This app can also monitor the speed of a vehicle. It is helpful whether the member is driving on his own, or travelling in public transport, or even riding with friends. You can always track their speed, keep an eye on the top speed, and even send an alert for the same.

Revisit Your Past Trips

You can always go down memory lane through this app. This free family tracking app keeps a track record of all your previous trips. You can always check for the places you stayed at, took a halt, or visited. This helps you relive all your memories from time to time. This can also help you retrace your steps if you plan to make a trip to the same place again.

Get Place Alerts

This app also helps you know your orbit’s favourite places to be at. You can also know their top places like work, home, school, etc. This keeps you close to your orbit since you know whenever they are at a specific place. You also get notified every time they visit a place.

Android family tracking app not only helps in locating your family members but also, helps to keep a track of their activities. It helps you keep a track of their safety and security. So, the next time you do not get a response from your orbit, you know they are just one click away. The app will ensure you are always close to your family.