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How a Family Tracking App Works and What It Means for Your Family

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How a Family Tracking App Works and What It Means for Your Family

August 26, 2021

Family Tracking AppOur lives have become so busy that even though as a family we may live under the same roof, it often happens that we don’t see each other for hours and sometimes even days. Conflicting schedules, work pressure, and many such reasons have made it quite difficult for families to stay connected in the real sense. Due to such hectic schedules, parents often don’t know where their kids are going, couples don’t know what their partners are doing, and keeping a watch on elders has become a real challenge.

If you too are worried that your family is moving away from each other and you need to know what’s happening in their lives, you must install a family tracking app for free. It is an ideal tool that lets you stay updated with the day-to-day activities of your family members while also assuring you of their safety and security. Not only is this app easy to install but managing it is also only a matter of a few taps. Now you can get all the information you want on your family simply by adding them to your tracking app.

How The Best Family Locator App Works
OrbitU is an innovative, updated, and modern app that allows you to be in constant touch with your loved ones – that too in real-time. No, this doesn’t mean you have to communicate with them personally every time you want to know their whereabouts (something we have all done with WhatsApp family groups!). In fact, OrbitU works in the following ways.

  • Get Real-Time Location – One of the best features of a location tracking app is its geo-tagging feature. This feature allows you to know where a specific family member is at any given time. By using GPS technology, a particular family member’s location will get displayed on the map. Not only can you know the current location of a family member but also their last known location. This feature is especially useful to keep a watch on your children – to know where and when they go. In case of emergency, it also becomes easy to contact them.
    The only thing you need to remember in all this is that the GPS must remain switched on so that you can track it in real-time.
  • Gives You Location History Features – As we mentioned above, you can use this app not only to know the real-time location of your family members but also their past locations. This is a feature that helps parents know about their children’s movements. Now you can know for real if they have been to the basketball practice as scheduled or are they sipping coffee in some café without your knowledge. The location history feature is designed to help you know what your child is up to and to help you take precautions if you sense any danger.
    with the help of the history feature, you don’t need to keep checking the app. You can check whenever you want and know their every move.
  • Allows You to put a Geo-Fence –Geofencing is a method commonly used to set an imaginary boundary on applications that use GPS. With the help of geofencing, you can set boundaries for your children’s movement, and every time they move out of the geo-fence, you get alerted. This allows you to immediately find out about your child’s whereabouts and know if they are in any danger. You can also use this feature for your elderly parents, especially for those who tend to forget their way easily.
  • Get Immediate Alerts–A family locator app sends alerts in case of an emergency and also otherwise (as per your app settings). You can easily create designated places on the app, such as home or school, and every time a family member arrives or leaves the place, you get notified. If you want lesser notifications, you can make the necessary changes to the app. You can also get alerts on your family’s driving behavior and can know if there are speeding issues that need to be controlled.

Keep Your Family Connected
OrbitU allows you as a family to stay connected in many ways. You no longer must send and receive WhatsApp messages to know about your loved one’s whereabouts – with the help of the app you can know where they go and what they do. For busy families who are continuously hustling the entire day, this app acts as a savior. Just add the family members to your list and assign them a geo-fence. If ever they are in danger or need help, you will be alerted. The app also allows you to keep a check on your children and their driving activities. Now you need not worry because you know what’s happening to them every moment of the day.

Summary – In this article, we talk about the best family locator app and how easy it is to use it. With the help of this app, you can know about your family’s whereabouts and not worry about them endlessly.