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SOS Alerts through Phone Tracker Apps When Your Family is in Trouble

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SOS Alerts through Phone Tracker Apps When Your Family is in Trouble

August 26, 2021

Family Tracking App

The concept of a family has undergone massive changes over the decades. Today four or more people may live under the same roof but may hardly feel any connection with each other because they don’t spend much time together. Is this happening with your family too? Are you also feeling that your children don’t share or connect with you? Do you realize that you need to know more about what’s happening in their lives? If so, there are many ways to build this connection, but they all take time. However, the one thing you can surely do now is download a phone tracker family locator app to know everything about their whereabouts. Such an app will let you know where your children and other family members are going and what they are doing.

With a phone tracker app, you can allow them their freedom and yet constantly know what’s happening in their lives. A phone tracker family locator app is that technological innovation that allows you to constantly keep a track on your children’s whereabouts without disturbing them. Now you can easily know what they are up to, where they go and places they visit.

A family locator GPS tracker such as OrbitU has been built to keep your sanity in place and to ensure that your kid is responsibly living their lives. The app helps you keep track of the new driver in the family as through it you can constantly know how they are doing

Some of the features of the OrbitU app that makes it a real winner are –

  • Whereabouts –You can create a geo bubble for your every member of your family and know all about their whereabouts. With this feature, you can keep a track on their movement in real time. However, the only thing to remember is that their GPS must always remain on.
  • Location Safety –You can set a timeline on the app that allows you not only to check on your family in real time but also know everything about their past trips. You can retrace their steps back and know all about the stops they made along the way. This feature tells you whether they have been moving in safe locations or not.
  • Place Alerts–You can save the most frequented places visited by your family members within the app. With this feature, you can get continuous alerts when they move from one place to another. The top places you can set alerts for are Home, Work and School.
  • SOS Alerts – One of our most distinguished features is the SOS alerts feature. With this you can use the app to send an SOS message to your family or even the police if ever you feel unsafe. This feature can especially be useful on your child’s phone. Just tell them about the SOS feature and how they can use it to alert you in case of trouble.

Driving Alerts and More…
It’s time to give your teenager the wheels. It is time for you to pass the baton and give them the keys to either your old car or to get them a new one. Driving is an important life skill they must learn early in life. Though you understand why you need to give your kids the chance to drive alone, it is often difficult to trust them and their instincts. What if they lose control? What if they can’t handle a tricky traffic? What if they get lost? There are so many concerns for parents which though should be acknowledged, should not become hindrances in your child’s life.

With the OrbitU app you can keep a close watch on your child’s driving skills without sitting on the front passenger seat and constantly checking their driving. You can do it remotely but in real time. There are other benefits of the app too which we discuss below.

  • Driving Reports–You can use the app to check your children or in fact anyone in your circle’s driving habits. The app will notify you about their top speed and more.
  • Driving Summary–The app also sends you a weekly snapshot of your children are driving behavior. You can also use this feature to check other’s driving summary.
  • Crash Details – The crash details features are designed in such a manner that in case the app detects a crash or emergency, it will notify you at once. If no response comes from your end, the app will automatically dispatch an ambulance to the vehicle’s location.
  • Speed Monitoring –With the help of the app you can keep a check on every family member’s speed limits. This feature will work irrespective of the fact whether they are behind the wheels or on public transport.
  • Drive Details–The app will give you a detailed log of every route taken by your family members, the miles logged, their top speeds, driving behavior etc.

Download the OrbitU app today to stay connected with your family and know when and where they are going.

Summary – In this article we talk about the reasons why OrbitU app is your best phone tracker family locator app and how it assists you to keep a check on your family’s driving behavior.