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Top Cell Phone Rules for Teens

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Top Cell Phone Rules for Teens

August 12, 2021

Your little one is all grown up and ready to be independent. For them, it is an extremely exciting time, while for you it might stir up some concern. This is especially true when you’ve heard countless stories of accidents with teens behind the wheel.

It’s no secret that teenagers are always attached to their phones. Teens today are part of a generation that grew up with the ability to connect with an entire world of people on a device that fits in the palm of your hand (well, for the most part.) 

Even though they may know the dangers, some teens may still be tempted to text and drive. According to the CDC, about 285,000 teens were treated in emergency departments in 2018 and almost 2,500 teens died in crashes that same year. Additionally, a 2019 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey revealed that 39% of U.S. high school students texted or emailed while driving at least once.

Before your teen hits the road to explore new adventures, have a conversation about cell phone usage in the car.

Set Up the “Do Not Disturb” Feature on Your Phone

This feature is extremely useful in making sure a phone’s ding doesn’t distract your young driver to quickly reach their phone. It’s rare to receive a message that needs an immediate response. In the instance you need to reach your teenager immediately, set up your contact using the emergency bypass feature so that if the phone does ding, they will know mom or dad needs something important but they can answer it when they reach their destination or a safe spot to reply.

Download OrbitU

OrbitU’s safety features give parents of teen drivers peace of mind to know what they do in the car. The app’s driver reports will take a screenshot of the users’ activity to show their speed, phone usage, miles traveled, and more. OrbitU also notifies users if a crash has occurred and connects emergency services to the scene. Other features, such as curfew alerts and family driving history, can be unlocked by paying an inexpensive annual fee. For more information, visit (INSERT LINK)

Make Calls using Bluetooth

Most vehicles manufactured since the mid-2010’s are equipped with a Bluetooth feature. This is to help users not mess with their phones while driving. Encourage your teen not to take calls while driving unless it is an emergency, such as calling you to make sure they are on their way home. While one still has their eyes on the road while calling, their awareness isn’t as strong because they are also thinking about the conversation. If your teen must take a call, make sure to keep it as short and simple as possible so that they can safely arrive at their destination.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Your Car Tunes

Driving in silence can be uncomfortable, so putting on the radio or your favorite playlist can make the ride more enjoyable. However, some people can get distracted jamming out to their favorite songs. Encourage your teen to keep their sound at a reasonable volume and to make sure that their music does not distract them from driving. We all love to make a silly air guitar or pretend we’re on stage, but doing that while driving is not the safest option.

It’s natural to worry about your teen’s safety as they explore the world on their own through friendships, jobs, and other opportunities. Establishing ground rules is important to ensure they are responsible drivers, not only for their own safety but for the safety of others as well.

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