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What Can You Expect From Your Family Locator App?

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Tracking your beloved ones’ locations has now become a daily affair for every individual. As your loved ones move out to different places for education and job purposes, it gets complicated to track their whereabouts. And when you are a parent, you will always keep wondering about your kid’s safety. That is why the phone tracker family locator applications are dominating the entire digital market.

About Family Locator Application

A family locating app might seem to be a simple application. But it takes a lot of effort, research, and development to create such applications for you. Therefore, one of the biggest criteria for using these applications is that anybody can utilize these and require no professional expertise.

The primary idea of these applications is to help families keep in touch with their beloved ones while traveling around. Therefore, these applications need to be easy to operate, use a GPS network, and be used seamlessly with your smart gadgets. In addition, the applications need to provide real-time data and updates periodically to the users.

But what are the specific functionalities of such a family locator app available in the market? Let’s check out:

Location Alerts

One of the fundamental reasons for tracking anyone’s location is to know about their current situation. And in case they face any disputes or accidents, the near ones should know about their exact locations. Knowing the specific place will help you to reach them quickly and help them as and when required.

So, one of the first things to expect from your tracking location application is to view the whereabouts easily. And that helps you to know if your family is safe and sound or not.

SOS Alerts

Whenever your loved ones are late to reach their homes, you seem to get panic attacks. And it isn’t healthy for any individuals, especially older adults. That is why using the location application can be helpful for you. It lets the users send emergency alerts to their listed contacts and even to the police without delays.

Crash Details

The location tracking application is not only about informing your loved ones about your current location. It offers you multiple features to keep you safe on those busy roads. So, you can even get 24*7 emergency dispatchers who can easily reach out to you during emergencies.

Get the accident details instantly, and in case there are no responses or alerts, the company operating the application can send you help. Furthermore, you can get medical and ambulance to the last location as available on the tracking application. Therefore, you will always have your safe buddy around you while you are traveling across the country.

Place Alerts

You have constantly been worrying about your family members while they travel. But have you considered the safety of your older parents when you aren’t around? Yes, the location tracking application is also essential to keep your older adults safe at home.

One of the crucial aspects of such applications is that it enables you to get place alerts. What does that even mean? It means, no matter who enters or leaves your property premises, you will always get alerts. So whether it’s your kids’ school, workplace, or home, enabling this feature can get you all the incoming and outgoing alerts.

Who Can Benefit From Location Tracking Applications?

Who can use the family locator app? Almost anyone. But the users who benefit the most are:


It is not an easy job to stay connected with your kids while playing in the playground and at the office. Or, you feel so guilty about leaving your kid behind at home that you fail to concentrate on your work.

To eliminate those worries, this is the best practice for every parent. Whether at home or in your office, you can now track and know about your kids every time they are moving around.


Who said your best friend isn’t worried about you? Or friends can’t be your family while you are away from your home? As you become family to your friends, they tend to get worried about your safety, especially when traveling around.

Give them some peace of mind and let them know where and how you are while traveling back. And get the best location tracking application to help them handle the worries for you. After all, it is your job to keep your friends happy and protect them from any harm.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are well aware of these location tracking applications, would you be interested in trying one? If so, then check out the website of OrbitU company. The brand is well-known for introducing an incredible platform to keep your beloved ones safe. The company offers you a phone tracker family locator application with excellent features.

From driving summary to speed monitoring, you can get every detailed report from this application. The best part of using it is that it is available in both paid and free versions. You can get advanced premium features once you opt for the paid version. Get the free version today to try its features.