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Modern Family Security: The Need Of The Hour

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One owns many riches. But the best rich people can ever own will always be their families. Hence, the biggest priority becomes to look after the safety and security of the family. Technology stands strong to take care of this for you. One does not have to worry about the other members’ well-being anymore. They can leave it all in the hands of technology and relax.

One of the biggest blessings of modern technology is GPS. It can be used to track live locations and for activity tracking as well. It is what forms the basis for an iPhone family tracking app. Using these apps is very simple and easy. One can easily download these apps from the apple store. After installation, you will receive a text message for confirmation. Once you have confirmed, you can enjoy tracking your circle.

There are several benefits of using these tracking applications as mentioned below.

Keeping An Eye On Your Little One: The biggest worry in the family is about losing sight of our little ones. Crowded places are the most insecure places for parents. So, in these instances, GPS tracking can prove to be very beneficial. You could check for your little one’s details on our free family locator app. Now, you can sit back and relax about your kid’s safety in public places.

Checking One’s Kid’s School Attendance: GPS tracker can also help track whether your child is going to school regularly and not having other plans. Your child’s fun will not cost their studies anymore as you can keep a thorough check on them now. You can install the family tracker app on your child’s device. You can be with your child not physically but through the app all the time.

A Check On The Elderly’s Health And Well-Being: This iPhone family tracking app is so far an unbeaten gem to keep a check on the elderly in the family. There will not be an instance of the elder members going missing or losing their way back home anymore. Memory issues are the most sensitive issues in old age. Tracking routes can help get rid of these issues.

Alerting The Circle For Your Safety: Do not feel alone anymore with a simple app installed on your device. This application gives you a feeling of having your circle just one click away all the time. Whenever you feel unsafe or scared in a secluded place, you can quickly send an SOS alert on the app. It sends an alert to your family/ loved ones so they will reach out to you immediately.

Driving Details: There is an additional feature on this app. It is also capable of providing details of one’s driving reports. Every member’s detailed driving report can be checked through the app. You can obtain the details of all the members in your circle while they are behind the wheel. You can now help create safer drivers and ensure the members’ safety on the road.

Crash Details In Case You Meet With An Accident: There are endless advantages of this app. Another advantage is that if you or any member of your circle meets with an accident, the app automatically forwards the crash details. All the members in the circle receive a notification instantly and help can be sent your way in no time. Not only this, but the app can also send an ambulance to the accident spot.

Monitoring Others’ And Your Vehicle Speed: This family locator app can very precisely monitor your vehicle’s speed. You can also monitor other members’ speeds. Whether it is your private vehicle or public transport, speed monitoring can be another factor to be checked to ensure safety. You can always keep an eye on the top speed and send a notification on exceeding limits.

Relive Your Past Trips:  This app also helps you keep a history of all your previous trips e.g., the details of the places you stayed at, shopped, or visited. This helps in refreshing your memories. It can also help you to re-trace your previous path in case you are planning a trip again. The places you like and dislike can both be flagged on the app.

Place Alerts: Imagine an app helping you get to know your loved ones better. This app does that for you. From your circle’s favorite cafe to be at, to their daily workplace, you can know anything and everything. You get a notification every time someone is visiting a place.

A family locator app not only helps in locating your family members but also, helps to keep a track of their activities. It helps you keep a track of their safety and security. So, the next time you do not get a response from your circle, you know they are just one click away. The app will ensure you are always close to your family.

A Beginner’s Guide for Modern Family Security

By Blogs
[lift-heading-shortcode title=”A Beginner’s Guide for Modern Family Security” tag=”h2″ align=”text-center” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

The greatest wealth a person owns is one’s family. The number one priority in one’s life is the safety of their family. One of the biggest reliefs is the advancement in technology. It is really helpful in knowing the whereabouts of our loved ones. This keeps the rest of the family free of worry about one’s well-being.

One of the best gifts modern technology has given us is GPS. It is really helpful in tracking live locations and activity tracking as well. This is the basis for android family tracking apps. Using these apps is really easy. You can easily download these apps and you will receive a text message for confirmation. That’s it and you are good to go with tracking your Orbit.

There are endless scenarios where these tracking apps can prove to be extremely useful to you.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Tracking Your Child’s Whereabouts” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

You don’t need to worry anymore about losing sight of your little one. Especially, in crowded places, you could end up losing our little ones. So, in such situations, GPS tracking can prove to be extremely useful. You could simply check for your little one’s details on our free family tracking app. Now, you don’t have to fear about your kid suddenly disappearing anymore.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Monitoring Your Child’s School Attendance” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

Not just this, a GPS tracker can also help track whether a kid is regular in school and not bunking classes. You can install the family tracker app on your child’s device. This way, you can easily trace all your child’s activities on your phone. So, the child taking any unusual routes back home from school will be all on your watch now.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Monitoring The Elderly In The Family” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

Android app tracker is undoubtedly one of the best inventions so far to keep a track of the elderly. It can prove helpful both in case of an emergency or if we lose track of the elderly. There are a huge number of cases of the elderly going missing because of memory issues. We can surely overcome this through android family tracking.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Sending SOS Alerts To Your Orbit” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

You do not have to feel unsafe or alone anymore since you have your whole Orbit on your phone. Whenever you feel unsafe or in a problem, you can quickly send an SOS alert on the app. This alerts your family/ loved ones and they will reach out to you immediately. This provides you a sense of safety all the time, especially when you are out on your own.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Detailed Driving Reports” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

This app provides you with the additional feature of providing detailed driving reports. Every orbit member’s detailed driving report can be obtained through the app. You can get the details like their highest speed, their journey times, time of usage of phone while driving, etc. It makes it very easy to keep a check on your loved ones and build an orbit of better, safer drivers.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Crash Details In Case Of An Accident” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

Another great benefit of using app tracking is crash details. You get an instant notification in case your loved one ever crashes their vehicle or undergoes an accident. In case, you are not available, the app automatically contacts the nearest hospital. The app also dispatches an ambulance to the vehicle’s location.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Speed Monitoring” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

This app can also monitor the speed of a vehicle. It is helpful whether the member is driving on his own, or travelling in public transport, or even riding with friends. You can always track their speed, keep an eye on the top speed, and even send an alert for the same.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Revisit Your Past Trips” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

You can always go down memory lane through this app. This free family tracking app keeps a track record of all your previous trips. You can always check for the places you stayed at, took a halt, or visited. This helps you relive all your memories from time to time. This can also help you retrace your steps if you plan to make a trip to the same place again.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Get Place Alerts” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

This app also helps you know your orbit’s favourite places to be at. You can also know their top places like work, home, school, etc. This keeps you close to your orbit since you know whenever they are at a specific place. You also get notified every time they visit a place.

Android family tracking app not only helps in locating your family members but also, helps to keep a track of their activities. It helps you keep a track of their safety and security. So, the next time you do not get a response from your orbit, you know they are just one click away. The app will ensure you are always close to your family.

Stay Connected With Your Family With The Family Locator GPS Tracker App

By Blogs
[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Stay Connected With Your Family With The Family Locator GPS Tracker App” tag=”h3″ align=”text-center” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

Your family and friends have always been your priority. And that is why you always worry about their security. You seem to panic when your friend doesn’t answer those calls, or your kid doesn’t notify you after reaching home.

In such scenarios, a family tracking application can save you from such evil thoughts. You do not always have to rely on their calls to know about their locations anymore. Please find the best tracking application to do it for you.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”What Is A Family Tracking App?” tag=”h4″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

A family tracking application is the one that helps you stay connected with the live locations of your beloved ones. The application utilizes real-time maps to share locations with other users. As a result, you can pinpoint your location to let your family and friends know about your current situation, thereby avoiding any mishaps.

But sometimes, people find the locator applications to be too prying on their privacy. Although these apps do cause a lot of controversies, they can also help with emergencies. How? Let’s find out here.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”What Are The Features Available On Such Applications?” tag=”h4″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

Generally, any free family locator app offers you the following features:

  • Automatic Sharing: It is a feature that helps one to track another user’s location at any time. Also, since the areas are available in real-time maps, hence one can check others’ progress. The automatic sharing attribute helps you to know that your kid reached his school safely or returned home.
  • Requests: Here, one can request another person for their location for diverse reasons. However, with this feature, one can select to share or not, depending on their preferences.
  • ETA: A location tracking application also lets you know the estimated time required by your friends and family to reach their destination. It can be available with a real-time map that can help you keep track of their progress.
  • SOS Alerts: Emergencies are the real reasons why these applications are crucial in every individual’s life. In dangerous situations, one can send alerts to their family and friends by tapping the emergency button. It is easy to use and helps notify your near ones about your situation without adding to your troubles.

If you are still worried about using such applications for privacy issues, here are some benefits of tracking apps:

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Reminders Are Necessary” tag=”h4″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

You have always been looking out for your beloved ones. So, you never wanted to restrict them to one place or stop them from fulfilling their dreams. However, your kids or friends might not always end up living with you. In such conditions, you always worry about their safety and whereabouts.

But not anymore, as the family locator GPS tracker can help you stay connected, no matter where you are. Why is it necessary? Whether a friend, a roommate or a child, it is essential to stay connected with them.

And in most cases, parents appear to be too interfering when they try to contact their kids frequently. Therefore, this tracker application is the best solution in such scenarios, where you can inform each other. And communicate with your beloved ones without sounding too nosey.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Think About Your Parents” tag=”h4″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

It is not always that the parents are worried about the kids. However, a tracking application is essential if you have to leave older adults at home or stay far from them. That is because; it helps you to check on their locations periodically without prying on their privacy.

Also, as responsible children, understand why your parents have always been so worried about your safety. So, assure them and let them be at peace with the use of any free family locator app.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Peace Of Mind” tag=”h4″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

How often do you let your children go to those after-school parties? Well, even if you do, you tend to get very anxious about their safety and wellbeing. So, to put a stop to those nasty worries, the tracking application can be quite a handy option for you. Imagine you always know where your kids or friends are.

You never have to worry about their safety as they already have a safety guide right by their side. So, this tracking guide can directly communicate with you anytime without any trouble. As a result, enjoy your peace of mind without interfering in your kids’ lives or creating any misunderstanding ever again.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”In A Nutshell” tag=”h4″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

So, a locating application can be your ultimate security partner for your beloved ones. It helps you to keep a close tab on your kids’ activities as well as their location. As a result, you do not have to worry about them going to any places without your supervision. So, let them be free, enjoy their lives while you never compromise with their safety and security.

But where can you get the best family locator GPS tracker for free? First, check out the tracking application launched by OrbitU. The company is on a mission to help families coordinate and connect with helpful safety features.

The tracking application is available with both free as well as paid features. From location and place safety alerts to SOS features, you can find a plethora of tracking services on this application. So stop waiting around and get ready to try this application for your family’s safety today!

Have Teenaged Children? You Need A Family Locator GPS Tracker

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Have Teenaged Children? You Need A Family Locator GPS Tracker

“Family is a gift that lasts forever”. Whoever said this knew what they were talking about. Family is indeed not just a few people living together under the same roof but those who share a strong bond of love, affection, and trust. The family a couple builds after marriage is one where not only blood intertwines their relationship but where love plays a strong role. It is this family that a couple must care for until they become adults.

Parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs out there. It requires you to be strict as a teacher, understanding as a friend, and loving as a parent. Donning so many hats at one go is not always easy. Balancing these roles means constantly improving your approach to parenting. Managing toddlers and young kids arecomparatively easier since they listen, talk, and love you with all their hearts. Unfortunately, the trouble begins as they step into their teens when their rebellious streak comes out in full force. Parents become enemies who are either always suspecting, or always nonchalant, or always reproachful. Though hardly true and mostly the opposite, parents and teens usually don’t see things the same way.

But, as parents, it’s your responsibility to know what’s happening in your teenager’s life. They may want to keep some things to themselves, but it is your job to know everything. And that’s why you need to install a family locator GPS tracker on their phone.

What will this GPS tracker do? Let’s look.

[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Why is a Family Locator App Important for Your Child?” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” text_color=”#000000″ text_secondary_color=”#ffffff” text_background=”#ffffff” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

As your children grow older, you cannot restrict them too much. Doing so will push them away from you. The only thing you can do is keep an eye on them without limiting their movements. Only raise a red flag when you feel things are going south. This way you can become their friend while remaining their parents. With a family locator app,you can keep a continuous check on them. Some of the advantages of such an app are –

  • Gives You Their Minute-to-Minute Movement–Installing a tracker app on your child’s smartphone will help you know their every move. You can create a ‘safe bubble’ marking the places they frequently visit on the map and get immediate alerts when they step out of the bubble.
  • Helps You Retrace Their Steps –With a GPS tracker app, you get several advanced features such as the ability to retrace your child’s path at the end of the day to know where they have gone. You can also check all the stops they made and how long they stayed in that spot. This feature gives you a fair idea about their day-to-day activity away from home.
  • SOS Alerts – A feature that many call revolutionary andwhichis found only in premium GPS tracker apps is the SOS alert. With the help of this feature your children can send SOS alerts to you and other members and even to the cops if such a situation arises. Teaching your kids about safety becomes easier with such apps.
  • Know About Their Driving Habits –An important landmark in every teenager’s live comes when they learn to drive. It becomes a telling indicator that they are now grown-ups who can move independently in their own cars. But you can’t just hand over the car to them without worrying. You should know how they are driving, whether they are maintaining the speed limit, or whether they are flouting any traffic rules. With a free family locator app, you can get every alert about their driving.
  • Speed Monitors – Installing a free tracker app on your child’s phone helps you know the speed limits they keep. If they overspeed, you can always warn them and tell them to be careful. Not only this, but this feature also gets activated every time they are on any vehicle, be it their friend’s car or a public transport.
[lift-heading-shortcode title=”Be Their Friend, But Don’t Forget toBe Their Parents ” tag=”h3″ align=”text-left” theme=”default” icon_family=”none”][/lift-heading-shortcode]

The adolescence is a critical phase in a child’s life. It is the time they undergo not only physical transformation but also mature emotionally. They become very sensitive to their environment and can easily become critical of their parents. Its important that you become their friends but in doing so, you cannot forget your responsibility as a parent which is to guide them to become responsible adults.

Install OrbitU – the one-of-its-kind GPS tracker app that not only helps you keep a watch on your children but also on your other family members. Now you can know where and how your elderly parents are moving and what your spouse is doing. This is a great app which helps you put all your beloved family members under a geo bubble enabling you to track their movement whenever you want.

Summary – In this article we talk about the tricks of parenting a teenager with modern solutions such as with a family locator GPS tracker app.

SOS Alerts through Phone Tracker Apps When Your Family is in Trouble

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SOS Alerts through Phone Tracker Apps When Your Family is in Trouble

August 26, 2021

Family Tracking App

The concept of a family has undergone massive changes over the decades. Today four or more people may live under the same roof but may hardly feel any connection with each other because they don’t spend much time together. Is this happening with your family too? Are you also feeling that your children don’t share or connect with you? Do you realize that you need to know more about what’s happening in their lives? If so, there are many ways to build this connection, but they all take time. However, the one thing you can surely do now is download a phone tracker family locator app to know everything about their whereabouts. Such an app will let you know where your children and other family members are going and what they are doing.

With a phone tracker app, you can allow them their freedom and yet constantly know what’s happening in their lives. A phone tracker family locator app is that technological innovation that allows you to constantly keep a track on your children’s whereabouts without disturbing them. Now you can easily know what they are up to, where they go and places they visit.

A family locator GPS tracker such as OrbitU has been built to keep your sanity in place and to ensure that your kid is responsibly living their lives. The app helps you keep track of the new driver in the family as through it you can constantly know how they are doing

Some of the features of the OrbitU app that makes it a real winner are –

  • Whereabouts –You can create a geo bubble for your every member of your family and know all about their whereabouts. With this feature, you can keep a track on their movement in real time. However, the only thing to remember is that their GPS must always remain on.
  • Location Safety –You can set a timeline on the app that allows you not only to check on your family in real time but also know everything about their past trips. You can retrace their steps back and know all about the stops they made along the way. This feature tells you whether they have been moving in safe locations or not.
  • Place Alerts–You can save the most frequented places visited by your family members within the app. With this feature, you can get continuous alerts when they move from one place to another. The top places you can set alerts for are Home, Work and School.
  • SOS Alerts – One of our most distinguished features is the SOS alerts feature. With this you can use the app to send an SOS message to your family or even the police if ever you feel unsafe. This feature can especially be useful on your child’s phone. Just tell them about the SOS feature and how they can use it to alert you in case of trouble.

Driving Alerts and More…
It’s time to give your teenager the wheels. It is time for you to pass the baton and give them the keys to either your old car or to get them a new one. Driving is an important life skill they must learn early in life. Though you understand why you need to give your kids the chance to drive alone, it is often difficult to trust them and their instincts. What if they lose control? What if they can’t handle a tricky traffic? What if they get lost? There are so many concerns for parents which though should be acknowledged, should not become hindrances in your child’s life.

With the OrbitU app you can keep a close watch on your child’s driving skills without sitting on the front passenger seat and constantly checking their driving. You can do it remotely but in real time. There are other benefits of the app too which we discuss below.

  • Driving Reports–You can use the app to check your children or in fact anyone in your circle’s driving habits. The app will notify you about their top speed and more.
  • Driving Summary–The app also sends you a weekly snapshot of your children are driving behavior. You can also use this feature to check other’s driving summary.
  • Crash Details – The crash details features are designed in such a manner that in case the app detects a crash or emergency, it will notify you at once. If no response comes from your end, the app will automatically dispatch an ambulance to the vehicle’s location.
  • Speed Monitoring –With the help of the app you can keep a check on every family member’s speed limits. This feature will work irrespective of the fact whether they are behind the wheels or on public transport.
  • Drive Details–The app will give you a detailed log of every route taken by your family members, the miles logged, their top speeds, driving behavior etc.

Download the OrbitU app today to stay connected with your family and know when and where they are going.

Summary – In this article we talk about the reasons why OrbitU app is your best phone tracker family locator app and how it assists you to keep a check on your family’s driving behavior.